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About Us

At Cronulla Beach Chiropractic and Massage (CBCM) we use the latest advanced techniques from the manual therapy world. We combine joint & soft tissue techniques that result in a comprehensive treatment approach. Combined with an individualised rehab exercise plan we strive to be able to help you with a wide array of injuries and movement issues that are beyond the scope of traditional chiropractic.

Combined Chiropractic & Massage Treatments

We encourage our clients to utilise both chiropractic and massage in their treatment plans. We find this speeds recovery as we approach the problem from differing angles. Our practitioners always discuss their treatments so we are all working together.

No Generic Programs or Protocols

We listen and learn to find the source of your problem. Then we’ll help you find a solution—and an effective, personalised plan for getting there. This is not about temporary fixes: We want you to thrive, and not just to reach your goals but exceed them.  

A Relaxed, Positive Environment

We are passionate about chiropractic and remedial massage, and we take it very seriously. That said, a little laughter goes a long way. Treatment can be a challenging mountain to climb, with ups and downs along the way. We believe that a relaxed, comfortable setting, in which you can let your guard down and just be yourself, is the best environment for healing. 

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